Hey Jealousy

Don’t you love when people say “I’m never jealous!”?… I call bullshit! We’ve all been there… the jealousy monster rears its ugly head at least once for everyone… And for some, waaaaay more than others. Whether you’re jealous because your not-so-close friend just got a really cool job or your boyfriend got a text from a girl you don’t know, it’s normal to feel jealous, but real talk, it’s not pretty to be one of those crazy jealous people. So how do you go about defeating the jealousy? Here are my tips! Some are related to relationships and others are general.

1. Keep in mind nobody looks attractive as a jealous fool. Except maybe if you’re trying to hook one of those people who love crazies, in which case fly that freak flag!

2. Realize that acting on your jealousy will never change your position for the better. I promise.

3. If you’re jealous about something another person has or is doing, allow it to be motivation instead of anger and jealousy. Want to be a yoga teacher like your friend? Sign up for classes and get going! Want to make more money? Work really hard! Want to move across the country? Do it! Don’t let fear and jealousy paralize you. Realize that you can do anything you set your mind to. Set your mind to whatever you want and take the steps to get there.

4. The world works in cycles. While someone may be having their best year ever, it might not be your best, but it will circle back around and things will improve. So, stick it out and you’ll be okay! Allowing jealousy to take over your thoughts will only make your dark days darker.

5. Taming jealousy isn’t easy, so give yourself a break every now and then.

6. Calling your significant other over and over and over again is just plain crazy. Just stop. He or she will probably go running for the hills.

7. Redirect your energy. All that time you’re wasting fuming about something out of your control could be spent doing something much more fun or useful.

8. Put it into perspective. Ask yourself this question: “Will I care about this in a year?” If the answer is no, let it go.

9. Take your mind off of whatever is making you jealous. Do yoga, go for a run, have a glass of wine, call a friend… do whatever it takes to get yourself in a more positive mindset.

10. Don’t deny it. Recognize it, admit it, accept it and if you need some reassurance, ask for it. I’ve discovered over time that when you’re direct about what you want and need, you’ll be much happier and more fulfilled.

What do you do to deal with jealousy?