This just so happens to be my favorite month ever! Halloween vibes are in the air, and it’s time to get down to business. Business of costume planning. Whether or not you still go Trick-or-Treating, or just attend Halloween parties/events, everyone needs the perfect costume! It’s only right. And Ladies, please… that doesn’t mean sexy animal/fairy tale/Regina George costumes. Here are some awesomely unique Halloween costume ideas:

Grumpy Cat Because why be a “Sexy/Slutty Cat” like every other girl when you can be a “I Hate Everyone Cat”?


Grumpy Cat Mask (or paint your face & add cat ears), plus add a Jac Vanek “I Hate Everyone” jacket, and a Cat tail + accessories. Hiss at everyone all night and have a friend follow you around dressed and acting like paparazzi.

CATFISH (from the Mtv Show) You’re hooked on the movie. You’re hooked on the show. You kind of wish you could Catfish someone just so that you could hang out Nev and Max, because they seem cool. But you would feel like a complete tool actually “Catfishing” someone. So instead, why not live your dream on Halloween?


Rent a Catfish Suit, Build a fake lightweight Computer to rock around your big ol’ Catfish Head, and bam! You can Catfish people all night. BONUS: Ask a couple of friends to dress up and Nev and Max with cameras.

Jay Gatsby (Ooooh Leo… ) from The Great Gatsby Because it’s a simple costume you can get from your closet, it’s so handsome, and every single girl (and probably dude) at the party will be falling all over you trying to get some of your “candy.”


Get out your 3-piece Tuxedo (or borrow your dad’s), OR find one here. Add a Ribbed Tuxedo Shirt, one White Pocket Handkerchief and Black Bow Tie, and Black Leather Dress Shoes. Oh! And and don’t the glass! Go get ’em.

Daisy from The Great Gatsby Because if your date (or crush) is going as Gatsby, you HAVE to be Daisy! Even if she is a bit of a tramp… she’s a beautiful one.


A 1920’s Flapper dress, a gorgeous Flapper Headpiece, a Faux Fur Caplet, darling Heels, and a Short Blonde Wig. Add some pearls, silk gloves, and accessories and you’re Daisy!

Kanye West Since Kayne West already thinks that everyone in the world loves him as much as he loves himself, and that we all want to be him, why not give him the glory on the one night that we love to dress like idiots?


This costume is incredibly simple! Just download and print off the Kanye Mask and purchase the rest of the costume here. Don’t forget to BE a douche all night. Play your own (Kayne) songs, steal candy from children, and get mad and bratty about any situation.

SHARKNADO You fell in love with the movie. You may have lost your voice screaming at the awesomely-terrible CGI and one-liners. Or maybe that was just me. Either way, now you’re inspired to become…..SHARKNADO. You made a wise choice, my friend. Everyone will feel your wrath as you storm through the party.


Get a Tomato Plant Cage, wrap it with “Clouds” (aka pillow stuffing you can find at any Superstore), stretch Spider Web Material around the cage. Spray paint the funnel gray for the color effects and glue pieces of “barn doors”, Hot Wheels Cars, and of course….SHARKS. You can make a storm cloud above your head with extra stuffing attached with a wire too. Don’t forget a helicopter with Nova and Matt inside! (Ideas and photo for this costume courtesy of: //www.costume-works.com/tornado.html)

So… what are YOU going to be for Halloween? Would you like to see more? If these don’t suit your fancy, stay tuned as I may post more later!

Xo Mindy