Happy 16th Birthday To Acacia Brinley

About a month ago I went to see Buzznet favorites The Summer Set play a show at Universal Studios City Walk in Los Angeles. While I was there I met Acacia Brinley, a very sweet, fun loving girl who came to support the music she loves and dance around with her friends. Acacia is an online personality, who started a tumblr account and rapidly grew a social following due to people loving the personal photos she posts. What I like most about her is that she is a fan of this alternative scene of music, has great style, is sincere and isn’t afraid to be herself when she has a thousands of people watching her every online move. Today Tuesday October 22nd is Acacia’s 16th birthday! To celebrate I collected my favorite photos of her and her fashion style! Take a look through the gallery and comment on your favorite 🙂

Do you follow Acacia online? Twitter & Instagram @AcaciaBrinley

Follow her Tumblr (tell her to join Buzznet! haha)