Fashion Profile: Jennifer Carpenter

So, let me know it: I HAVE TO POST THIS GALLERY.

The answer is pretty easy: I LOVE Jennifer Carpenter and I fell in love with her, again, this year.

I already loved her in “The Exorcism Of Emily Rose” one of the best horror movies I’ve ever watched in my whole life, I always cry when I watch it, I know it could sound weird for a horror movie but if you watched it, you could clearly understand me or try to do it 🙂

Then, when I started to watch DEXTER tv show this year I found she was in the cast and I was freaking happy and she’s my favorite character beside Dexter one.

PLUS: She’s born on December 7, just like me so when I knew it I jumped all around my bedroom and I was once again more in love with her.

Definitely if you follow/followed/following Dexter is pretty “weird” to see her in a glamour long outfit at gala night, thinking at her sooo “refined” character hahah but she’s awesome and stunning, I love her cat eyes and her long legs. She’s simply stunning.

Check out this gallery and let me know if you have a favorite Jen’s style, if you love her too!

Feel free to comment, buzz and suggest any photo you want 😉