Fall Obsession: Brown Hair To Color Ombres

Over the years I’ve only lightly dabbled in different hair colors. When I moved to LA at 19 I was broke and couldn’t afford to keep highlighting my hair blonde so my friend dyed my hair red brown. I had that hair color for a few months and then I realized that color wasn’t really for me and I slowly transitioned back to my blonde self. About 9 months ago I decided to start ombreing my hair.. I’ve been loving it! This past time I went to the salon my stylist made my brown darker and then tried putting pink in my ends but it didn’t totally go through. I was in a rush to go to the Fall Out Boy concert in Anaheim, or else she would have put more in it. Anyways, I’ve been loving the darker roots on me and now I want to be dark all around and have some type of colored ombre in my ends. I’m thinking a dark pink, purple, turquoise or blue. I put together this gallery of my inspirations for my next hair color and wanted to see what you thought!

Which colors do you love?