Fall GIF Challenge: What Are You Doing This Fall?

Fall is a weird time in Los Angeles. Since we live in the desert, we don’t really have intermediary seasons. It’s either cold or hot. I don’t really know how to explain it to those of you that have seasons but all you really need to know is that yesterday’s high was 91 F (32 C).

Basically, it will be hot until the end of October and then all of the sudden, BAM COOL. When I say cool, it gets like in the 50s (10 C) here usually. I think it gets even cooler in the San Fernando Valley (the Valley) but if you live there, no one really cares.

My thoughts on the valley EXACTLY (JK some of my best friends are from the valley!)

All of this means that sometimes I will have to wear a windbreaker when I ride my bike to work. I guess we are kind of spoiled here with the weather but whatever, you all aren’t going to die when “the big one” hits. I mean, I can hardly wait for that to happen.

Anyway, now that the sun is breaking through the overcast cloud strata over Los Angeles, let’s talk about your plans for fall. That’s what this post is supposed to be about but I seem to have bird walked all over that.

Will you be:

Pumpkin Carving?

Pumpkin Spice Latte Drinking?

Apple Cider-ing?

Pumpkin Beer-anating?

Pile of Leaf Jumping?

All the Layer Wearing?

By A Rain Splashed Window Pane Reading?


I can keep going but I am going to stahp.

o stap it u

Now it is your turn. Make yourself a handy blog full of your bucket list happenings that you want to do for the entire duration of this most lovely season. I know some of you live in the upside-down part of the world so you’re in sprang now, right? Is that how this works? IDEK. Feel free to use whichever saison is appropz for your part of the world. Sorry to be all America-centric.

Don’t forget to drop me a note when you’re done so I can leave you gif spam comments! GO!

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What are you doing this fall?

Thumbnail: Haleigh Rice