EXCLUSIVE: DJay Brawner On Directing Panic! At The Disco’s ‘Girls/Girls/Boys’ Music Video

This week Panic! At The Disco‘s latest album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare to Die hit the Internet along with a brand new SEXY music video. The video for “Girls/Girls/Boys” was an instant hit and fans were drooling over Brendon Urie‘s performance. Our pal DJay Brawner directed the video so we HAD to ask him how he made this magic happen. Take a look below and thanks to DJay for making another rad video and allowing us to ask him some questions.

How did you get involved with this project?

Over the last few years my company Anthem Films and I have been doing a lot of work with Atlantic Records. I’ve had nothing but great experiences working with them. The video commissioner at Atlantic, Alex Bittan, gave me a call 5 days before the shoot and laid it out for me. They wanted to shoot a Panic! At The Disco video that following Monday. And I said OK! It didn’t help I was the best man in a wedding that same week.

How did the concept come about and what were the initial conversations like with the band?

It was Brendon Urie’s idea completely. I cannot take any credit for that. He had told the label he wanted to do homage to D’Angelo‘s “Untitled.” I never spoke with Brendon directly before the shoot but we began moving forward right away to pull it off in just a few days. On the day we went over everything in detail before we began filming and we made sure we were on the same page.

What were the challenges of making this video?

The biggest challenge making the video was really the camera moves. It seems like a really simple video to most people, who watch it, but the camera moves were pretty involved and making sure everything stays in focus is tough. My dolly grip Fernando killed it. I re-edited the D’Angelo video and timed it out with “Girls/Girls/Boys” and had it playing on an iPad so we could hear the song and also see the exact moves we were trying to nail. My focus puller, Adam Kirschhoffer, did such a great job on the focus.

How many takes of the video did you actually end up needing to shoot?

I wish I could say we nailed it the first time. I don’t know the exact amount but we did but we went through a few times. We did some variations in case we wanted options later in post. We all knew the take we used was the best!

Did Brendon know when you were in a wide shot vs. a close up?

Yah, Brendon really started feeling the camera after a few passes at it. We were on a Fischer Dolly, which is one of the larger ones, which made the camera sit on top of a large moving object. It was pretty evident where the camera was at all time. Especially with my DP Bryant Jansen sitting on it, Adam sitting on it, and Fernando moving it.

What was it like working with Brendon in such an intimate setting?

Honestly, it was rad. He was super easy going and ready to be there. He is a pro.

And I just have to add… Was it awkward at all? You know cause he is naked?

The awkward part was watching him perform for 4hrs with no shirt. Whether he is clothed below the belt, I’ll never tell. That’s a secret between Brendon and my crew. I don’t want to disappoint anyone or offend anyone.

For more on DJay’s work check out his site.

What do you guys think of the video?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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