Everyday Princesses

I know the world already agreed on the fact that we’re never gonna be royals (love you, Lorde) but I believe that there is a powerful, magical world beyond the one we can see and if we choose so, we are royals indeed 🙂

The idea of luxury extends beyond monetary wealth. True luxury lies in simple things like being able to notice the grace and majesty of the sun and the stars or taking a bubble bath at the end of a long day. Inner peace is the biggest luxury of all, demanding years of diligent work and commitment and truly achieved by far fewer than the material wealth.

We may not be born into perfect conditions, but we always have the power to choose how we move forward and react to the set of cards we’re dealt. We also have the power to transform our homes into palaces with a can of paint and some glitter and hey, plastic diamonds are a girl’s best friend, too:)

This post is dedicated to all the everyday princesses.

Always wear your invisible crown<3

Integrity/Love/Unity + pink stuff


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