Echosmith’s ‘Talking Dreams’ Is A Lyrical Tour de Force

The first time I heard Echosmith’s “Come Together” this past summer, I was intrigued. Not only is their music video a homage to the 80’s cult classic, The Breakfast Club, but it brought me back to my high school days – what was pleasant of them anyway. Now with the release of the band’s debut full length, Talking Dreams, the ‘cool kids’ of Echosmith have more than ‘hopes on the horizon.’ Paramore, watch out!

Echosmith’s Talking Dreams is as euphoric as it’s title. It definitely exceeded my expectations tremendously. With lyrical content so vibrant, it’s crazy to think that this band of siblings are only in their teens. What little songs I’ve ever written at their age were ridiculous compared to this. “Let’s Love” sets the tone with happy melodies that make you want to dance around your bedroom with a hairbrush. I’m still entitled to do that at 25, right? “I’ve been saving my soul for someone like you.”

“Cool Kids” tugs at my heartstrings. Even at 25, I can relate to this song – probably even more now than I did at 15. While a majority of my peers have jobs and happy lives, I’m still struggling, left to deal with the world’s criticism. I’m glad a song like this was written. At the end of the day, we all want to be loved and accepted, no matter how old you are.

“March Into The Sun” is perfect for a leisurely drive in the sun. I particularly love the lyric “I’ve got your hand in my hand. No drinks in sight. It’s how we start a fire with our natural high.” Spot on with how I like to have fun. “Come With Me” and “Bright” are probably the two songs that I could listen to for hours on end and not get tired of. I wish I could send them to someone special.

The lyrics in the album’s title track, “Talking Dreams” are an instant mood booster. Sometimes, you don’t really know how blessed you are until you hear songs like this. The rest of the album kind of takes you on a lyrical journey and there’s always a set in every song that is just so on point it’s hard not to quote them on Twitter. “Safest Place” comes barreling in with a Two Door Cinema Club-esque opening and leaves you breathless by the end. “Your own story is the safest place you’ll ever be.”

The album’s last track, “Surround You,” left me in tears. This album is a lyrical masterpiece. I wish I could write songs like this. I encourage you all to sit on your bedroom floor with the lyrics and just let Talking Dreams take you on a journey. That’s how music is intended to be experienced. “I want my love to surround you.”

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