In Defense Of Scrunchies

Everything old is new again. It can’t be said enough. This latest trend, though, is sure to push some people overboard on the 90s trend bandwagon. The accessory once so universally hated it was memorably mocked on Sex And The City (the ultimate fashion gospel) is back with a vengeance and set for a major comeback. Get ready for it people: The scrunchie. Is. Back.

That’s right, I said it. But don’t take my word for it. The traditional trendsetters have gone all-in with the scrunchie, meaning it’s only a matter of time before it goes fully mainstream.

British It Girls have made scrunchies a part of their hipster style. Prince Harry‘s new girlfriend, model Cressida Bonas, is all about the scrunchie. She wears the hair accessory everywhere from dates with the prince to music festivals.

Supercoolmodel (get it?), Cara Delevingne, another British trendsetter, has also given in to the scrunchie’s magical ways. As has Fearne Cotton, another famous party girl in the UK.

The trend first reappeared on the runways at shows like Vivienne Westwood and Ashish. The hair accessory was definitely styled with the 90s in mind, but it also was used to soften the looks. It added a bit of athleticism, as well as some texture and interest to the hair.

The pinnacles of trendsetters, the Olsen Twins, have never strayed from their scrunchie ways. They’ve been tying their hair back the same way since they were babies!

Other trendy girls stateside are getting in on the action, too. Check out Whitney Port‘s scruchie!

While we were all focused on the nakedness in Robin Thicke‘s uncensored video for Blurred Lines, we completely missed the appearance of the almighty scrunchy in the edited version!

The scrunchie’s return is already heading down the creek towards the mainstream. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Missoni are making semi-afordable scrunchies. Marc Jacobs’ is actually tres adorable and only $32.

And high street brands like Asos aren’t sitting on the sidelines of this trend either. There are a bunch of different scrunchie options available on their site now.

So here’s the deal. It’s all coming back, the good the bad and the ugly. Crop tops are practically staple pieces, Katy Perry is dressing like she’s from Clueless and The Craft, and Miley Cyrus is wearing Versace from 1992 like it’s brand new. To deny scrunchies their place in this revival would just be wrong!

Scrunchies may not be the perfect accessory for a little black dress, and wearing them to work might make you just look lazy, but when worn correctly, the scrunchie can put a trendy outfit ahead of the pack.

Take your cues from the British babes and wear a scrunchie with festival fashion, like overalls. Or rock a neat ballerina bun wrapped in a big scrunchie with a babydoll dress! Fashionable girls should use this as an opportunity to challenge themselves and find a way to make it work!

In the end, the message is the same, however: Though we’ve mastered the Internet, our cell phones fit in our pockets, and headphones are plugged into iPods, not Discmans, when it comes to fashion, we are officially in a time warp. Hundreds of years from now, when they look at photos for historical evidence of this time, they only thing setting apart pictures from 2013 and pictures from the 90s will be the excess use of duckface.

And whatever you do, always remember, Long Live Clarissa Darling, the ultimate style icon.

Would you ever rock a scrunchie?

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