Cheer Up Clothing Owner Matt Barnes Talks Fall 2013 Line

Ever since I found out You Me At Six Bassist Matt Barnes has his own clothing line Cheer Up, I’ve been obsessed with the flannels and other products the line currently offers. As Cheer Up gears up to release their Fall/ Winter 2013 line, they are currently offering 50% off their ENTIRE ONLINE STORE. Talk about a deal. Especially since the brand is all priced at UK value, it’s awesome to get something at a discounted price since I have to pay for shipping, being from America. I had a chance to pick Barnes brain on his favorite pieces from the summer line & what’s next for Cheer Up.

Your summer 2013 line is currently 50% off! We love all the pieces 🙂 What is your favourite piece from this collection?

Matt Barnes: My favourite piece from this collection has to be the tropical series. We have the t shirt all over print and a dress for the ladies, it’s something we have always wanted to do so was great to have it in this collection.

Does your music ever inspire or influence the clothes you design?

MB: I would say that our music does not really have much influence on the brand, we are really trying to push cheer up more towards a fashion route than a band guys thing, I would say we are more influenced by music like AlunaGeorge.

How do you approach creating music verse creating designs?

MB: When creating designs we work very closely with a select few artists who help is design each range, one of my favourite artist we work with is called Arran Gregory, check out his stuff it’s really cool. Also Edward Thomas (who I run the company with) will smash something sick together, he is becoming quite the design wizard maybe even one day we will be able to keep everything in house, which is the dream!

Do you think clothing brands can form a community, like music does?

MB: Definitely, we are really good friends with brands like Love Before Glory, Antique, DBNO, Drop Dead and Key Street, everyone sticks together and helps each other out it’s really cool to have something in common and chat about.

Do you have a Fall/ Winter 2013 line in the works? If so, what can fans expect to see from the new line?

MB: We do! And it is looking very exciting we are looking to have even more custom items out there and mayyyyybe even a jacket… We love mixing it up and not just printing t shirts so you guys will have to just wait and see!

Excited to see what Cheer Up has in the works for their Fall 2013 line. But in the mean time head on over to their website NOW to get 50% off the entire store. If that’s not a deal, I don’t know what is.

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