Check Out “Carrie”‘s Ultimate Mixtape

The girl’s got a score to settle, OK?

In Carrie, opening in theaters everywhere this Friday, Chloe Graze Moretz is a high school chick with KILLER powers who’s been kicked around WAY too much.

See, her classmates have been pretty cruel – like Mean Girls dialed up 100x – but now it’s time for serious payback. And when Carrie gets ready to flex her telekinetic powers on their popular a**es, we imagine that THIS is the playlist she uses to get pumped up.

Oh yes, you WILL remember her name…

Open Letter (Jay Z). Nobody’s better than Jay Z when it comes to delivering a message to those who need to “get got.” Carrie’s down with this track because it’s all about revenge – plus, she’s got 99 problems (and her Mom IS one).

We Can’t Stop (Miley Cyrus). Nope. Once you get Carrie pissed, she can’t stop…she won’t stop…until you’re on fire or running for your damn life.

Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey) ANY song by Lana is going to get Carrie and her fiery powers revved up – especially Sadness with its tale of love, regret and that perfect red dress.

Thrift Shop (Macklemore). Unlike those rich kids who did her wrong, Carrie doesn’t have daddy’s credit card to burn through. So when it’s time to dress up and hit the town hard, she pops in this tune and heads out to find her style in the resale racks.

Demons (Imagine Dragons). Carrie is great girl, but she’s got, um….demons – and this sick Imagine Dragons song is how she gets them out of her system.

Come and Get It.(Selena Gomez). It’s a harmless pop anthem to most, but to Carrie it means she’s been alone in her room, thinking of ways to make your life hell…so if you’re ready come and get it…

Grown Woman (Beyonce). Even Carrie needs to let loose and dance around her room in her underwear once in a while. And when she does, Bey is her powerful woman of choice – and this legit addictive anthem about standing up and fighting back is the track that makes it happen.

Black Skinhead (Kanye West) Kanye takes no prisoners when he grabs the mic – and neither does Carrie after she gets fired up to this power hip hop anthem.

Pompeii (Bastille) You know what happened to those folks in Pompeii after that volcano blew up? That’s kind of what Carrie’s enemies have coming to them when after she flexes her powers to this perfect summer song.

Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke FEAT. Pharrel) You just KNOW that this song (stop-fighting-it-you-know-you-love-it) is going to be playing at Carrie’s prom. So she’s got it in her Mixtape to get ready for the big night. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Did we miss anything? Tell us the song that gets YOU pumped up and ready to flex like Carrie. And GO SEE CARRIE with the coolest girl on the planet, Chloe Grace Moretz when it opens [date]

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