Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #35 – Grand Theft Autumn Mmrs

I’ve been trying to think of what I would share for this BSTA but it’s been really hard. Autumn is that weird part of the year where my brain just naps and I am on auto-pilot. Also, we don’t really have an autumnal season here in Southern Caliborin’ya, so my memories just kind of bleed together and die in some distant corner of my mind.


Since last year is still pretty fresh, I guess I’ll talk about going to Chicago in November. Since I already wrote about this adventure, you can read about here: I’m a blog about stuff! Mostly this post will have photos of things for you to peep at because peeping is awesome and I like to be watched.

I will also enclose some thoughts about things if I can remember them. Yay! Let’s go!

Here’s a little transit card. It amazes me when large cities connect their rail systems to their airports and yet Los Angeles is all HEY FUCK U L0L! Actually, things are getting better but it’s still kind of a pain in the ass. You can take a few trains (3 usually) to get “close” to the airport and then take a shuttle or you can take the Flyaway, which is this bus that costs $7 to ride and it’s pretty decent.

It was pretty cool to get on the rails in Chicago and hear people speaking a bunch of languages that you don’t hear too much in Los Angeles. Everyone was bundled up and I was in shorts so I figured that it was going to be cold and everyone on the train was judging me.

Here are some pictures of the river that I don’t remember the name of. I do think the course of one of the rivers in Chicago was reversed for whatever reason. I was watching an engineering show about the water system there and I thought that was weird.

The river has a little walk way on the side of it and I remember just milling about on the first night that I got there. It was pretty chilly out but I still managed to wear only some shorts and a zip up hoodie under a jacket. There were times when I was all O MAYBE I SHOULDNT BE DOWN HERE because there some sketchy people but I’m a tough kid that wouldn’t mind dying in another city.

This is the only building that survived the Great Chicago Fire way back in 1871. It’s made out of stone so duh, it was the only thing left for the obvious reason. It looks like a little castle just hanging out in the middle of all these tall ass buildings and it’s pretty much just all WUT SUCK IT.

Downtown Chicago looks a bit high brow. Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that. It just looks like it has more money than me but it’s like, really pretty. It’s also really busy. Like if New York City wasn’t a pile of trash, it would probably be Chicago. Don’t worry everyone, Los Angeles smells and our downtown blows. I hate everything but I also like various things about each city I visit.

This is a little ghost bike. When I got lost on my way to the venue where the band I was going to see was playing, I found this under a bridge. I snapped a photo of it because this guy I know collects photos of these for a movie he was making and has since completed.

The other reason why I was stoked to go to Chicago was so that I could visit this brewery called “Half Acre Brewery.” Like, this was the only other thing that I had planed for the 4 days that I was in Chicago. I got pretty sauced by noon and I ran out of fucks to give and it was GLORIOUS.

Here’s me taking a #selfie at the bean. I’m lookin pretty hawt, right? JK. My last day was a Sunday and it was spent roaming around Millinium Park, which was pretty cool. I actually put on pants that day but then I was bummed because all that walking made me warm.

It has come to my attention that I like to travel alone. Not that I would’ve minded some company, it’s just that when I am by myself, I know what I want to do, I get to do it, and I don’t have to wait around.

There is something sort of freeing about being a place where no one knows you and no one really pays attention to you. You get to observe things and traipse about like some latte guzzling ghost that gets drunk by 12 p.m. I enjoy keeping to myself and being left alone so that I can observe and then use my poor langugage skills to write about my adventures. I feel that that is my lot in life. To not really be anywhere but everywhere and watch things happen to other people.

One day, Chicago, I will return to your steel bridged arms and lay in your concrete bossom. Until that day, thnks fr the mmrs. <3, r