BE Inspired Monday


Yesterday I am sure you either watched football, had a family dinner, finished up some homework, slept in, or watched a Cat Fish marathon. Dreading going to bed to get up early again and start yet another week. Well, guess what? I, Dani Vitale, am here to try and cure the case of the miserable mondays.

This month on BUZZNET I am making a daily/weekly blog guide. I am here to deliver you original, fun, educational, inspitarional material for every day of the week on almost every subject in life! (woah)

This will be a great go to for fitness tips, meals, dating help, recipes, workouts, decoding boys, beauty tricks, fashion styles, #ootd, answering personal questions and much more!~

This isn’t going to be a hit without your help tho! Share with your friends, come back daily to see what your getting yourself into 🙂 Each day is dedicated to a certain thing and I will keep you on your toes, I promise!

To start off today, Monday, October 7, 2013

^One of my favorite “To Do” lists I have.

It might be a lot to handle right off the bat today, but I really want you to try and implement these tips into your daily/weekly routines.

It’s going to be difficult, but taking care of yourself will make everything better in life. Attracting the right things and people around you will help take you to different places. Then in return, accomplishing bigger and better stuff! (sounds too good to be true right?)

These little things will aid in the process of improving your life and others lives around you. I can promise you this.

Take the challange and change into something better than you think is possible! 🙂

Have a FANTASTIC monday and a beautiful week xo

Share with me what inspires you on a monday!#beinspiredmonday