Artist Of The Month: St. Lucia

Fall has officially arrived and so has the album I’ve been awaiting since last summer! St. Lucia is preparing the release of their debut album, When The Night, out October 8, so it felt only natural to feature them as October’s Artist Of The Month.

I’ll never forget the night I discovered St. Lucia. I was on Facebook and noticed a little ad on the right hand side that said “Like M83? You’ll love St. Lucia!” So I clicked the ad and was brought to a stream of their self-titled EP. The rest is history and I have been obsessed ever since, anxiously awaiting the release of their debut.

Stay tuned this month for a When The Night album review (or in my case, “geek out”) along with a few other tasty specials. Until then, take a look at their video for “Elevate” below. The suspense is killing me!


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