5 Reasons To Love Echosmith’s ‘Talking Dreams’

Echosmith’s debut album is almost here! I know you guys have been falling in love with them over the past few months, and their debut album will make you fall EVEN harder. Talking Dreams is romantic, dreamy and whimsical; all while making you dance or visualize you’re lying in a field of daisies.

To break it down, here’s 5 reasons to love Echosmith’s Talking Dreams.

1. Layers – There are a lot of sounds on this album. Layers of vocals, various instruments, and emotions. The music is completely encompassing and you can get caught up in these songs if you allow yourself to. I suggest you do.

2. Harmonies – Oh my goodness. The vocals on the album are stunning and the harmonies melt like butter.

3. “Tell Her You Love Her” – I love EVERYTHING about this song. The story, the sentiment, the vocals, and especially the build up. It’s beautiful.

4. Their Sound – Taking Dreams is cohesive and showcases all sides of Echosmith. We have love songs, dance numbers and empowering lyrics their fans will appreciate. With anthemic songs as well as love songs, fans will get a real sense of who this band is in just 12-tracks; although they will just want more.

5. “Surround You” – The closing track starts off soft and builds into BIG passion. This one will take you far away and have you daydreaming about being in love. It’s the kind of song you want playing during a montage of your love story.

Overall the album has variety while still holding onto a cohesive sound. Echosmith is an incredibly talented group of young musicians, and I’m thrilled to hear what YOU think. The album really does feel like a talking dream. #musicrules

You can pre order Talking Dreams here or pick it up on October 8th.

What do you think of Echosmith?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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