10 Life Essentials Featuring Marky From Glamour Kills

A few weeks ago I posted my 10 essentials, these are the items that I need or like the best in my life. I thought it might be cool to reach out to other people that lead different lives to figure out what their essentials are. The next 10 essentials are from Glamour Kills founder @MarkyGK. I first met Marky in 2008 when a box of t-shirts and hoodies arrived on my bus. Through the years we have become closer friends and Glamour Kills has turned into something much larger than screen printing t-shirts in his parents basement. I now present to you, Marky’s 10 essentials.

1.Micron Pens: The best pens for the job always.

2. Moleskin Notepad: Always brainstorming and sketching ideas. This is probably the most important and used item I own.

3. Red-Bull Sugar Free: I may consume to many of these day. Red-Bull should sponsor me. (Love your biggest fan)

4. Ipad: Duh.

5. Volcano Vaporizer: Infuse fine herbs into your everyday use.

6. Van’s: All black. Comfy, can’t tell when there dirty and easy to replace.

7. Hard Graft Laptop Bag: Bought a bag from this company a year or so ago and it still holds up the riggers of NYC. Sleek enough and has all the compartments and storage I need.

8. Warby Parker Glasses: A lot of people ask me where I get my glasses, well now you know. Buddy holly ain’t got nothing on me.

9. HBOGo: When traveling HBOGo is a must. I keep up on all my favorite shows and binge watch ones I havent seen yet.

10. My Record Collection: I’m not really a materialistic dude. But if there was a fire in my house the one thing I would attempt to save would be my records. Music is my life and is the reason I’m here doing what I love to do day in and day out. These records keep me sane.

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