Youtube Evolution: Happy Birthday Lil Wayne!

It’s that time of week again, FRIDAY! Which of course means I will be giving you a lovely Youtube Evolution. This week’s evolution is on Lil Wayne, today is his birthday so it was the perfect fit!

I know you know who Lil Wayne is even if you don’t listen to his music so you will be entertained. I have listened to him for as long as I can remember so here are a few of my favorite blast from the pasts.

Taking it WAY BACK right here where Lil Wayne really was “LIL” he was only 14!!

this one is from 2000!

I STILL remember where I was when I first heard this on the radio back in 2005!

you all know this one…can you believe this is from 2009?! time flies!

6 foot 7 foot…

YESS love this one! It’s from the 2013 Dew Tour!

Last but not least here is his most recent video 🙂

What is your favorite Lil Wayne song?

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