Within Temptation Join The Forces With Tarja Turunen For Their New Single

As I previously announced a month ago, the most famous Dutch metal/gothic back is coming and on Friday they first single has been released and so the music video.

Paradise (What About Us?)” is the title and a while ago, the band revealed they have decided to collaborate with another artist for this song, and I immediately thought about Tarja Turunen, the best Finnish voice, ex Nightwish vocalist and now with an awesome solo career, and I guessed.

I was so happy because I love Tarja a lot (and my dad too), my family and I have seen as Tarja as Within Temptation in concert and we were pretty excited about this collaboration and we hope to see WT and Tarja in a concert together thanks to this song 😉

The music video makes you shiver, believe me.

In a future not so far, if human being continues to abuse of the precious gifts Mother Earth gave us, the air became unbreathable, it’s all dry because it doesn’t rain anymore and probably the most part of the population is passed away.

Only two gas masked guys seem to want to do something and they are just Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation singer) and Tarja which wanna to create a new Paradise on the older one and so it’s start to rain again and plants and trees start to grow up like we usually see now.

The song has a deep environmentalist meaning.

We have to understand that what we have is a paradise, we should stop to do wars and try to live in peace.

There’s no sense, the fire burns When wisdom fails it changes all The wheel embodies all that keeps on turning

Blood red skies, I feel so cold No innocence, we play our role The wheel embodies all where are we going

All in all you’d expect the wise to be wiser Fallen from grace All and all I guess We should have known better, ‘cause…

What about us? Isn’t it enough, No we’re not in Paradise

This is who we are This is what we got No, this is not our Paradise

But it’s all we want, And all that we’re fighting for Though it’s not paradise

You and us, or I and them There comes a time to take a stand The wheel is watching all, it keeps on burning

The venom works, it’s like a curse A Trojan horse, when will we learn? The wheel embodies all, that keeps returning

If you want to see Within Temptation live in 2014, check the dates on their official website HERE

The single will be available in USA on Monday September 30.

What do you think about the song and the music video?