We Will Never Forget About 9-11-01

I remember this day. It was raining and the sky was grey. I wore green jacket. When I back from school to home I watched “Tom and Jerry Kids Show” and I loved it. Afterwards I went to room my parents. I needed to take books. My mom watched news. It was about 3 p.m. I looked on TV and I saw burning tower in New York. It was a huge shock to me. I felt fear, although I was in Poland. I will never forget it.

From the morning I think about 9/11. Often I think that it happened yesterday because still I can’t believe that people could to do something like it. Why the part of us is more than brutal and just dreaming about hurt someone.

If I could to change something, I would to like have a secret wish and make this world safety. We don’t need to feel fear and cry by bad persons. Love, respect and hope should be world motto and something what we follow.

I send a lot of love and light to everyone who suffered during terrorist attacks. My thoughts are with you. Thank you so much great heroes, called rescuers. They risked their own life’s but they showed that we will not give up. R.I.P.