Welcome Paul DiGiovanni To The Buzznet Family

Hey everyone, after being quiet for far too long, here I am. Buzznet is something that has always surrounded and interested me. As far back as my Boys Like Girls memory goes I can remember doing interviews/posts/etc with the site. And during this latest chapter in my life, my lovely Dani Vitale has kept it around indirectly (I sometimes chauffeur my lady to shows and events, and last year I even did an emergency red carpet hosting fill-in):

But now it seems as though you may be reading this introduction due to sheer convenience. That is not the case. Sure, I have a lot of ties to Buzznet and great friends that are connected, but I’m here because of something I feel was lost over the past year(s). As my touring life slowed down, so did a connection to so many amazing people around the world. I miss you all. If you’ve been a close follower you would remember also the blog I started last year. It seemed to lose direction after a little while and now it is merely a graveyard for my Instagram photos… But here on Buzznet is inspiration, direction, life.Ok Paul shut up… Here I am. Surrounded by a lot of great people. Excited to share my life with anyone who wants to read about it. Answer questions. Hopefully invoke some thought. At this point in my life there is no reason to censor things, to sugar coat, or take the safer road.

Here I am.

I’ve been spending my time:

In Los Angeles

Writing music (95% of the time)

Doing a little modeling

Staying healthy

And generally being annoyed by my animals…

I truly feel inspired. Boys Like Girls has been playing a show every month or so, which will be really fun to update on. I’m excited about sharing whatever else the future has in store for us as well… As for now, everything single moment in my entire life (and every second since the beginning of time, I suppose) has led up to me laying in this bed, angry that the Patriots game isn’t broadcast on the west coast, typing my first Buzznet post on my iPad for all to read.

It feels good to be here.