Welcome Jon Boogiee To The Buzznet Family!

My name is Jonathan “JonBoogiee” Rabon. I was born in Oakland, CA but I’m currently living in LA and have been for the past 5 years. I’m heavily influenced with where I come from and not just talking about Northern California but the whole STATE in general. Upon my arrival to LA dance and working as a professional dancer has consumed most of my time. I’ve worked with a lot of big names in the industry over the years, within those years I’ve set new goals for myself to be more than just a background dancer. I’m never content ;]

A few more things I’d like to share, I love to rap/write music, I’m into fashion and I’m constantly working on the clothing line I’m apart of “TENELEVEN” I also like to be photographed as well be the photographer in some cases. I have high hopes to inspire any and everyone who visits my Buzzmaker page so feel free to share with friends now with that being said, let this journey begin.

What do you want to see me post about on here?