Watch My Secret Powers & Show Me Yours To Win $2,000!

Carrie White uses that giant brain of hers to throw cars, explode things and move objects. I’ve tried to do this myself but unfortunately I do not have super powers. I do however have the ability to make it look like I can disappear into mid air.

I’m willing to bet a ton of you also might have some form of “secret powers.” So get out there and show me how you #FlexLikeCarrie!

Your secret power might be anything, from incredible speed, to insane strength. It really could be anything you want. That’s why I want YOU to submit a video showing off your secret power for a chance to win $2,000!

Tips on how I made my video happen:

  • This was a two person job, me and then a videographer.
  • I started with running and jumping towards the bed, right before I landed we paused the clip.
  • I then got above the bed out of frame and tossed my hat and robe down in the same place I would have landed. It is very important to have someone filming who knows the positioning of the camera. Thee key to this is making it look like one continued shot and not a bunch of takes.
  • Next, we add in a little bit of commentary to help justify what happened and to make it easier to pan up for the next shot.
  • Finally we pan up to me in a new location and boom, “it’s just that easy”.

Here’s how to enter YOUR video:

  • Create a Vine or throw a pic or video up on Instagram showing us your super secret, super awesome power.
  • Tag the video or photo using the hashtag #FlexLikeCarrie. (make sure your account is public so we can see it!)
  • Share your secret power on Twitter!
  • Make sure you have these up by October 20th!

Good luck! I can’t wait to see how YOU #FlexLikeCarrie