My Suja Cleansing Weekend With FAQ

I embarked on a 3 day juice cleanse this past weekend, thanks to Suja. Click here for my previous post on it and to find out why I did it!

My experience with it was all in all incredible! I figured I’d answer some frequently asked questions about cleansing since I have been getting a lot of them over the past week.

Why do a cleanse?

See my previous post here.

Was I hungry?

There is a huge misconception that you will be starving during a juice cleanse, but honestly I wasn’t hungry once all weekend. My stomach made some funny noises and I did miss the sensation of chewing food as well as the social aspect of being able to sit down with friends and family to eat a meal but besides that it was really easy and I felt great! In fact I was zing-ing with so much energy all weekend, my friend Kristen (who I spent most of the weekend with) could hardly keep up with me! Life resumed as usual and I did everything I normally do, just took my juices with me everywhere I went!

What did I eat/drink before I started my cleanse?

The day before my cleanse I didn’t have any alcohol, processed food, or meat and just ate a ton of fruits and veggies and all vegan food. This is supposed to make the transition a lot easier and help jump start the whole cleansing process.

How does it work?

You get 6 juices a day and treat them as though they are meals and snacks.

1 juice when you wake up for breakfast

1 morning juice “snack”

1 juice for lunch

1 juice afternoon “snack”

1 juice for dinner

Last “juice” is actually an almond milk with cinnamon, vanilla and honey so its essentially a dessert and is more of an end of the day treat than part of the actual cleansing process. and boy is it a treat! It’s so delicious and I looked forward to this one every day. You drink this one 3 hours before bed to allow it to be fully digested.

Do you only drink juices while doing it?

During a juice cleanse you don’t consume anything other than vegetable/fruit juices and water. That means no gum! I drank a ton of water all weekend in addition to my juices. The whole point of a cleanse is to rid your body of toxins and to give your digestive system a break so you don’t want to put any toxins or solid food in your body.

Can you exercise while cleansing?

Yes absolutely! It really depends on how you are feeling. I had so much energy that I was able to run one day and I swam a ton on the day I went to the lake.

How did I feel after?

I felt lighter and my mind felt clearer. I also craved veggies like CRAZY the first day back to eating real food! Before my cleanse I wasn’t eating as healthy as I normally do and was getting a lot of cravings for junk. They have since gone away and I lost about 4 pounds in the process.

I created this gallery to give you guys a little insight into what my cleansing weekend looked like! I hope you enjoy!

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