The Truth About What It Takes To Let You Go

Do we ever really know when It’s time to let go? What makes us suddenly want to forget everything and move on? Can we ever really truly forget and live a life without thinking you lost something?

I can’t answer any of those questions. I can say that no, cutting your hair and coloring it a different shade won’t make it any easier. I’m guilty of that, I’m currently in the state where I think that changing everything about me will in the end make me feel better. Maybe because Mr.Nashville is with a brunette and is currently about to introduce her to his family and Mr. LA who knows what he’s doing.

It’s weird, do you ever wonder if they think about you and what you’re doing? I hope they think I’m a Victoria Secret model (hahha Just playing). Anyways, Mr.Nashville has been in my life for 2 years with and without a girlfriend. He’s seen me at my best and he’s seen me at my worst (Heartbroken in the middle of a drumoff on tour). He’s become one of my bestfriends and I don’t know, I’m at a point where I think it’s time to let go. What we had ended a while a go even though we both constantly tell each other that we’re still secretly in love with each other.

I was texting one of my closet pals of all, and we were both kind of emotional. The words “I think we we’re just friends and maybe I read into the situation wrong” came out of my mouth about Mr.L.A. I was then told “Friends is a serious word Miss Brown.” Another friend texted me saying, “If you guys were just friends in his eyes, he wouldn’t of gotten upset about you unfollowing him and he would still be talking to you.” She was right, we don’t talk. He even unfollowed Prince after I unfollowed him (That has to deal with me right?). Truthfully, he’s been the hardest to let go. Things ended BADLY in both of our parts.

So, I’m single and I think I’m okay with that, for now. Over the past 3 relationships I’ve been in, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I know that you should have respect for yourself. I know that you shouldn’t let a guy walk all over you and play you. YOU HAVE A TYPE. You know the kinds of people that are associated with that type…. Maybe It’s time to find a new type.

At the end of the day, you can’t change who you are. Stop thinking you’re not pretty enough or you’re not good enough. You just got show not only them but the people around you that it’s their lost. That you will remain classy and keep being you. Heck, become Miss America and show them what they’re missing in the swimsuit competition (you know what I mean)

Letting go can take 3 weeks, 2 moths or 10 years. You never know, you and only you can decide when it’s time to move on. There will be A LOT of sleepless nights, wondering, crying and chocolate. I’m here to tell you everything will be okay at the end of the day.



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