Touche Amore Record Release Show In LA

Touché Amore and Balance And Composure have both just put out two VERY exciting albums this month — and last night they celebrated together in Los Angeles. The small show was held at Los Globes in Silverlake, CA and was filled to the brim with rowdy fans that wanted to let lose. Touché is known for having fans that actively participate during their set, so the VERY low stage added to the atmosphere, excitement and added element of fear.

B&C’s new record has quickly become a favorite of mine and hearing songs like “Parachute” and “Reflection” live were just what I needed. Jon Simmons‘ voice live has such a raw quality I couldn’t get enough of it. I appreciated that both bands shared how proud they are of one another for how far they have come and their new albums. Always value when bands are truly supportive to each other for no other reason than real friendship.

Just some pals doing pal things.

Touché set was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Their new album, Is Survived By… just came out this week so the set was comprised of mostly older songs. The crowd was absolute mayhem. Like I mentioned earlier, the stage was very low so Jeremy Bolm was facing off again 500 enthusiastic fans that knew every word, to every song. It looked intimidating and he even said, “I have never been more scared for someone in my life.”

Here’s a short video I took to give you an idea. It was so amazing.

Was refreshing to see such a raw show that didn’t rely on production to make it big. It was a small show in size but was big on emotion and passion. I left feeling so much better than I did walking in.

The sign of a good show. #musicrules.

Have you ever been to a show like this?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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