Tonight Alive’s ‘The Other Side’ Album Review & So Much More

In 2010 I came across Tonight Alive’s profile on PureVolume and was instantly hooked. I downloaded their EP, Shapes and Disguises on iTunes and told as many people as possible about a band I saw A LOT of potential in. Later that year, they made their way to LA to begin recording a new album and played their first US show at the Chain Reaction; you can bet I was there. The next day I booked for them to come do an interview for a site I was working for at the time and had the pleasure of meeting them. They were incredibly sweet and excited to be in the company of people who enjoyed their music.

Since then Tonight Alive has put out that full-length album they were working on, What Are You So Scared Of?, toured with TONS of different bands, and played the Warped Tour two times – just to name a few benchmarks. I have also spent time with them on and off the clock, and have gotten a good idea of how special this band is on the stage as well as behind the scenes.

Today Tonight Alive has put out the follow-up to WAYSSO — and I am absolutely blown away with how far they have come in three years. The new record, The Other Side is earnest, complex and gives fans an opportunity to see how much they have grown as a band. The album’s lyrics have conviction and declaration alongside unique melodies unlike anything we have heard from TA before. There are moments that are aggressive and fierce like the anthemic “Lonely Girl,” (you got a dirty tongue and looks like the damage done is forever and it’s a long time to miss me) – and then the album’s 11th track, “Say Please” ends with a beautiful yielding moment, (And if you want to break me I’m already on my knees, my knees).

Another impressive takeaway from the album is Jenna McDougall’s vocal performance. Not only does Jenna manage to sustain her those highest of high notes, but we also see some versatility when her lower register is showcases on songs like, “Hell And Back” and the album’s title track, “The Other Side.” I also love hearing her grit on the song ”The Fire.” That song is KILLER, hope to hear it live on their US tour.

I honestly keep finding something new to love each time I listen to The Other Side.

Music aside, the best thing about Tonight Alive is who they are as individuals. They have always been kind, friendly and respectful whenever I have worked with them. It’s rare to see a band over a year later and have them ask what I have been up to since the last time we did an interview. That kind of reciprocated interest is never expected. They also truly love each other as friends and love making music together. So refreshing to see.

When I caught up with Tonight Alive about a month ago they warned us all this album would reflect their growith and the sound the finally stumbled upon. Well, if this is how far they have come in three years, it seems the possibilities are endless for Tonight Alive. It’s been a pleasure getting to know them and watching them evolve into who they are today. #musicrules.

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You can buy The Other Side now on iTunes.

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