Thought Blog: Harry Styles Got Me Thinking…Why Do We Hate?

Hate. What does it REALLY mean and why do we hate?!

I saw this video where Harry Styles is literally brought to tears over the terrible things people say about him online, people he may have never ever met once. People who have never gotten to know the REAL HARRY STYLESyet have such strong dislike towards him…but why?

It gets me thinking, have we as a society used the word hate too loosely to get us thinking that it is almost necessary to hate? ” I hate that smell, I HATE all country music, I HATE that singer…”

It’s crazy how we can hate reasonable things like a taste of food yet can hate someone we have NEVER met or personally connected with enough to even know their middle name. Somehow we can hate and despise everything about the existence of a stranger. Taking it to the next level, we not only think it, people express their strong hate TO the people they hate online behind a screen.

I feel like as Drake once said “Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time” and I couldn’t agree more. When we see someone doing what we want to do it’s almost natural to become jealous which leads to people openly trying to bash/bully or crush the person they are focusing on.

If we all just focused on our own lives, accepted the difference in others, accepted the challenge and inspiration within someone doing what YOU want to do we would be living in a VERY different world.

I want whoever YOU are reading this article to take a step back and really think about what it is you HATE. Make a list even, write it all out. Take a look at that list then pick apart what YOU can do to make that hate go away. Do you HATE your job? Well why don’t you work harder to get promoted or maybe apply for a new position in the field that you are passionate about.

Hate does not NEED to exist, hate is just insecurities best friend. It is time to make new friends, let’s make friends with peace, acceptance, passion and LOVE.

What are a few things that you really love?