The Swellers Release New Music Video For ‘High/Low’

The second Nick sent the demo of our song, “High/Low” to me with the lyrics and melody over the music, it really hit home. It’s strange when someone else’s lyrics reflect your life more than your own. It was eerie and sad and slow and different and just perfect. I remember seeing, “The Suburbs” video from Arcade Fire and the strange suburban imagery mixed with the subtle, spooky music is what made me fall in love with them. I wanted people to feel that way with this music video.

The imagery of our band has always been incredibly important to me. Everything from t-shirt designs to music videos, I’ve had a big part in creating. I figured this was the perfect time to take charge and finally direct a video for The Swellers. My long-time friend, Jack Schmier did the video for, “Running Out Of Places To Go” and it was perfect on the first take, so I knew he’d share my vision.

I still can’t believe for absolutely no budget we got a cast of friends, an amazing set of locations and even our friend Matt Tunney (Omni Guitars) helped design and cut out these crazy wooden wings for the video. Everything fell into place just how it should have. Walking through my old hometown of Fenton, MI we got to see some great suburban imagery mixed with an almost fairy-tale forest area. I wrote the treatment, while Jack brought his common sense and professional input to the table. We took a few hours to shoot and it all went as smooth as can be.

My brother has been recording for a living, and after this I think getting involved in other people’s music videos and imagery is something I’d love to do as a side job. Maybe I can’t shoot it myself, but I can come up with the ideas and formulate a strange new world when its needed. There’s so much I have to learn and it’s so exciting. This is when thinking too much pays off.

Without further adieu, I give you, “High/Low”

What are your thoughts on this song and the video?