Summer’s Coming To An End: Cherishing Every Last Moment

Y’all I just got to L.A. and it is HOT HOT HOT!!!! Trying to stay cool with a Jarritos. I can’t believe Summer is officially over. I spent the majority of my time in Nashville doing a lot of fun things with some of my best friends. Honestly it may have been one of my favorite Summers of my whole life so far! While the last few days of this season fade away, I’m enjoying this down time that I have to hang out with my family in the California sun. I cherish them so much, and I know better than anyone that family are the most important people in your life and they will never leave your side! My family is crazy but I wouldn’t have them any other way.

It’s hard to transition into a new season… but i’m hoping that Fall can come in and deliver something refreshing. The changing of the leaves, at least where I live in Nashville, is so beautiful to watch and gives me so much inspiration to shed whatever ‘dead leaves’ may be clinging onto me in my life. It’s a time to try new things and welcome new adventures! Change is scary sometimes, but it’s also exciting and beautiful.