So it’s that time again !!! Time for another blog of photos from places I’ve been and seen some unusual things on the road, at stores or wherever my car takes me 😀

Interesting I think and some guy in a truck was watching me take the photo and gave me a strange look 😀

We have a lot of stores that sell equestrian supplies, I need to go buy a pair of horse riding wellies I don’t ride but like the idea of nice wellies for my feet in the rain 😀

This is also a common sight Kayaks on people’s cars. We have so many places to go boating. Kayaks are always a popular choice on the rivers here. Of course on the Atlantic Ocean and the Long Island Sound yachts and fishing boats are what you see 😀

You also see lot’s of Beemers !! OH and that’s my towns post office in the background : )

Well he looks comfy and thankfully he is Stuffed and not real 😀

Well I guess everyone has to have Pride : )

It took me a bit to figure out what this says but it says “Ate your Extra Virgin Olive Oil” TV chef Rachel Ray uses the term EVO all the time in fact it was her who made it popular 😀

I have no idea but there is probably a community named Indian Hills here 😀

OKAY here’s that van that had the sticker on the back window with the Monster Truck trying to run over the Stick Family 😀

I had a hard time trying to get this plate the sun was hitting my window and creating a glare on it. But Alas I got it and with some help from photoshop you can see what it says 😀

I guess he’s a contractor, I’ve had a few Home Doc’s here lately 😀

OH HAHA !! When I took this I didn’t realize someone was sitting in the front passenger seat …. But I think he was busing talking on his phone 😀

OH this should be my plate LOVE MY TWINS 😀

A new seafood restaurant in Huntington 😀

And another sticker crazy person 😀

Driving through Huntington you see different things everytime 😀

But you don’t see this very often !! Well not way up there on the roof 😀

Nice old truck for sale caught my eye :I

I have no idea who that character is but it was on the same car as the Devil Face car emblem was on 😀

OH it’s the BAYBBUG Volkswagon I saw at the Historical Society Festival in my town 😀

One of the many churchs in Huntington I just loved the old church with the wires and the modern sign 😀

There are many art galleries in this town : )

One of the main corners in Kings Park not far from Building 93 ………

I think this is a cute old house I’m usually driving fast past it so it’s very blurry 😀

This is in my town : )

New York the Empire State loves Hello Kitty 😀

OH this is so EASY 2 REMEMBER 😀

And lastly probably my favorite from this Photo Dump has to be the one I saw while out shopping on Wednesday ……

So I hope you enjoyed my trip to another ON THE ROAD photo dump I’m sure there will be many more to come 😀