Refresh Your Look With These Fall Beauty Must-Haves!

Well, in Nashville today’s in chilly and cloudy and I am definitely feeling the beginning of the Winter vibes in the air! The past several weeks have been some tough ones for me. Everyone has those times… you know the ones where you just feel ‘blah’ and a little run down and you just need something to make you feel NEW and REFRESHED. Well, I decided to give my hair and my skin some TLC this week. Here are some of my picks for feeling refreshed and energized!

1. Dark Red Lipstick

Dark red lipstick is ALL OVER the Fall fashion magazines and runway looks. It first caught my eye when I picked up the August issue of Elle magaizne, where Amanda Seyfriend graces the cover with a stunning look that is pretty much bare makeup and a dramatic dark burgundy lip color. I LOVE THIS LOOK. I especially love that you don’t have to wear much makeup otherwise to look ‘made up’ and there are so many good shades to choose from. Since i’ve never worn this color before, I decided to get a super cheap lipstick in case I didn’t like it. But I nailed the PERFECT color with Wet N Wild Lipstick in BLACK ORCHID, and it was literally only a dollar!!! You can get it at Wal-Mart or any drugstore!!!


2. Microdermabrasion Paste

As Winter gets closer and your skin gets drier, it’s extremely important to exfoliate regularly! And It’s better to start now rather than wait until you’re skin is itchy and flakey. I am obsesseddd with this paste. I know it looks like it’s pricey, but it is an incredible product and it lasts forever! Also, not only can you use it on your face (it totally changes the texture of your skin!) you can also use it on your arms, legs, ect while you’re in the shower. It’s the best scrub i’ve ever tried.


3. Mac Strobe Liquid

Going along with the whole dry skin thing…. it’s also important to have a good moisturizer in the colder months. In the summer, i’m usually shiney in a not so great way. But when it’s colder and my skin is drier, I take advantage of being able to use an illuminating liquid on my face. This one by Mac will give you an incredible glow underneath your makeup, and gives you a FRESH, dewey look that’ll brighten up your whole face.


4. DIY Hair Mask

Not only does my skin get really dry in the Winter, but so does my hair. So i’ve decided to get a jump start on getting it hydrated, and found a few super simple DIY at home hair masks that you can use regularly. Just keep the ingredients on hand, and mix up which mask you use every couple of weeks!


5. Eye Lift Gel

OK so remember how I said the past several weeks have been tough ones for me? Well it shows under my eyes. I’m serious, I all of a sudden have the puffiest eyes no matter what I do. So I finally sucked it up and went into beauty store and spent about an hour comparing all the zillions of eye creams they have. I settled on this one… and i’m so glad I did! It feels AMAZINGG. I swear I can feel it tightening and refershing my eyes when I put it on.


6. Essie’s Fall Nail Colors

Lastly, nothing makes you feel cleaner and more refreshed than a manicure. And trying a new nail color is always fun. I am LOVING these two colors from Essie’s Fall collection. The red is called ‘Twin Sweater Set’ and the blue is ‘After School Boy Blazer’


I was hangin’ with Feather while I wrote this post, and snapped this pic! I’m wearing my ‘Black Orchid’ lipstick which I loooove, and i’m also rocking some braids in my hair for a fresh look. Also thanks Element Eden for this cozy sweater!!!

What are your Fall must-haves?