Question Party: If You Could Get Rid Of One Song Forever, Which Would It Be?

Yesterday, as @SaraScoggins and I were left alone and to our own devices in the Glass Castle that is our drab, grey, and depressing ass office, she asked me about a million questions. I am usually not into people asking me things but since Sara is all cute and I enjoy her company, I didn’t mind.

There were questions about side bewbz, movies, and other stuff that I can’t remember because I am starting to get bad at memory things. Anyway, one of the questions that I remembered (because she asked another person so it was embedded in my brain) was one about the banishing of songs FOREVER.

Imagine? Just like that? OMG

What Sara wanted to know was if I could get rid of any song forever, which would it be and why? Imagine getting rid of a really crappy tune and then it would never be played ever in the history of anything. The song I chose was the American Anthem:

Don’t cry for me Argentina.

I chose that song not because I hate ‘merikuh but because we get it. We get that we are in the United States and I really don’t want to hear someone butcher our national anthem or put their spin on it. I just want to watch the ball go in the hoop or watch dudes hit things with a stick. Whatever.


If you could get rid of one song forever, which would it be and why?