Question Of The Day: Which New Bands Have You Discover This Year?

Let’s talk new music. Well, new to you and I. Why? Because I said, so there? The rule for this game today is that the band(s) you bring up must be bands that you just got into this year. That’s it!

For me, I think The 1975 would be one of the bands that I just got into this year. I can’t remember listening to them at all until @SaraScoggins was all “HEY D00D LISTEN TO THIS” and once I did, I fell in love. Were they even out earlier than this year as The 1975? IDEK.

Our 1975 Contest is bad ass, check it out!

I just remember listening to the Music For Cars EP on a beach in Maui and having my mind blown by all the falling stars and just how perfect everything was at that moment.

As I sat on the warm sand, jabs of salty air pitter-pattered across my face. My flask was empty because the dude that I was hanging out with at the time drank it all. I remember thinking “Where the hell is this guy?” because I wanted him to run to me on the beach in some grandiose, sappy, cinematic way so we could touch mouths but that didn’t happen. I must’ve listened to “Head.Cars.Bending” on repeat about a hundred times and just thought about how this night was one of the most amazing nights I had had in a really long time and that my happiness wasn’t contingent on someone else making me happy.

It’s funny what music and listening to yourself can teach you.

Anyway, now it’s your turn. Feel free to talk about your feelings or talk to me about mine and tell me what you’ve been listneing to this year. Go!

Which new music did you discover this year?