Question Of The Day: Can You Find Me Something Cute On The Internet?

I am really tired. I am usually tired a lot but right now I am moreso than usual. For the last many of nights, my brain has decided to wake me up at about 3 a.m and just say in the “on” position.

Oh just go to bed already, Nosferatu!

You would think that staying awake for long periods of time would be somewhat productive but it really isn’t. It’s not that I am thinking of how to the end of Breaking Bad will go down or anything, I just roll around and think of what I have to do once I get out of bed. Awesome.


Since I am in a haze of half thoughts today, I need you all to find me cute stuff on the internet. You may use gifs, photos, or anything else you feel is cute and worthy of sharing in this blog. Maybe it’s stuff like this:

Or –

Maybe –

What about –

^ Me right now ^

Can you do it? Can you distract my brain and find me something that doesn’t make me feel like I am dying? Help meh Obi Wan Whatever, you’re my only hope.

Can you find me something cute?