Question Of The Day: What Are Your Fall ‘Must Haves?’

According to the tilt of the earth and science, it is fall. Let us rejoice, for it is pumpkin everything season and time for layers. Not that I can wear a lot of layers, I am just in love with layered looks and maximum snuggles from people that I meet in leather bars on themed nights that have to do with otters and bears (don’t ask).

~ Rich, come to play with us and all the other woodland creatures of the gay menagerie ~

And lo, we come to another fabulous Question of the Day where I pry into your life and try to find out more about who you are. What makes you tick? What makes you, YOU? What things do you require in life to make your fall season all the more otterly fantastic?

~ Even though it is cool out, who wouldn’t want an ice cream sandwich? ~

I think for me, I need pumpkin flavar things. Mostly pumpkin flavored beers. There are many to try and I enjoy trying all of them. I also need brisk night walks with Moo the Dog because it makes me feel like everything is changing. The fall air, should it reach me, is usually this strange coolness that makes me hold muh babies closer

~ I love like no otter ~

So what do you need? Feel free to tell me or just share some otterness with me.

What are your fall “must haves?”