Photography Color Project: Green & Everything

Howdy Buzznet! Since I didn’t say anything about me wandering about, I am sure no one knew that I was shacking up with a bunch of friends in far away places. I’ve been gone since last Tuesday, which is a really long time in Buzz-years. I was doing things here and there but then I wasn’t because I was on break.

Anywmews, I am back and stuff! I forgot to announce the #yellow and #green color assignments so here is a brief recap of what we have done so far:


Here I am being gross and shirtless. Sorry bout that but not rly


This is a little storage place down the street from mai haus.


These yellow pillars in this parking lot spoke to my soul.


This was taken down by a some tiny river up at Lake Shasta. On this day, I saw bear tracks, a deer grazing, and Mark & I just talked about a bunch of nothing. Twas awesome.

Anymews, if you have yet to do your #yellow themed photo, feel free to! We are now on #Green Week, so I will post my #blue photo on:

26 Sept 2013

Sorry I’ve been bad and away and stuff and not doing the best at stuff. Let’s get this ball a rollin’ and have a color themed party! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!