Photo Diary: Keltie’s Gatsby Party

hi guys! eeeeee. this weekend I got together with some of my favorite friends to have a little fun Gatsby party at The Writer’s Room in Hollywood. You guys know I LOVE a costume party, more than I love most things, and I was so excited to get together with my friends are go out on the town. I hand made my entire outfit, from an old forever 21 skirt, I took a feather boa and wrapped it around a bandeu bra for my top, and I made my hairpiece by cutting out the stars from cardboard- and spraying and glittering them, and then I took some old leather, and made the headband, with a feather piece that I bought at Marshall’s-

Some of my favorite people showed up at the party, the hosts of the tv show I work on Omg!Insider, Kevin Frazier, Thea Andrews, Michael Yo, along with my favorite band members Alex Deleon and Luke White, the Buzznet queen herself Kate Cordova—along of course, with my HUBBIE swoon!

What did you guys think of my outfit? Have you ever attended a Gatsby party?

Happy Monday guys! xx

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