What To Pack For Chicago’s Riot Music Festival

I’m currently writing this as I’m waiting in the South West Airline airport lounge as I patiently await my plane ride to CHICAGO! I’m headed there this weekend for vacation and a little work for the Riot Music Festival that is happening in Humboldt Park. The festivals line up features some of my favorite bands, such as Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, AFI and Blink 182, just to name a few. I was inspired by fellow concert goer, Buzznet blogger, Chelsea Gresh to post what I’m bringing to festival this weekend!

Band Tee’s & Flannels: Must have staples in any girls wardrobe. I love wearing a cut off tank graphic tee with a flannel either over it or easily tied around my waist. I love that the 90s grunge look is still relevant.

Next up on my packing list is Crop Tops & Skater Skirts/ Dresses. I brought lots of options so I can mix & match as I want. I am currently upsessed with my denim & black skater skirt, It’s turned into a staple piece in my wardrobe.

The weather for this weekend looks a little qustionable with one day the high is at 77 degress one day and 64 degrees on another day. Figured it would be the best choice to pack some legginings to accompany the band tees and a sweater/ denim Ed Is A Genius Buzznet Jacket in case I go out at night.

Since the festival is going to be in a park aka grass everywhere, I packed a few different options for shoes, but I plan on only wearing boots or sneakers into the grounds. Bringing the flats & platform creepers in case we go somewhere fancy.

Last on my list, is the essentials! My normal make up, cleansing wipes, accessories and tools to style my hair with. Can’t go anywhere without it.

I’m also packing sunglasses, my computer, some magazines, a book, my journal, tooth paste & brush, razor, socks & undergarments etc. I’m so excited for this weekend and to adventure around Chicago for the first time… if any of you live or have been to Chicago, I’d love to hear your tips!

Are you going to Riot Fest?

What would you pack for a music festival?

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