I had the pleasure of attending an OWL CITY concert on Saturday August 31st ….. It was a free concert held at Tanger Outlets at the Arches in Deer Park. The Arches are quite amazing with 96 outlet stores, 10 restaurants and a movie theater and a Summer Concert Series that brings some big names in concert for free. OWL CITY ended the season and they put on one amazing show. The show was held in the middle of the center called The Piazza and there had to be a couple of thousand people having a great time. I loved not only taking photos of OWL CITY but the crowd. Everyone was so well behaved and it turned out to be beautiful weather.

Lot’s more people behind, to the left, to the right and beyond !!!

This panorama might give you a better idea how many people showed up to see OWL CITY : )

The show was scheduled to start at 6pm …… I got to the Arches around 5pm and it was a mob scene in every parking area there. There just were no spaces left to park in. So of course everyone just drove around waiting for someone to leave !!! I think us Long Islanders are used to trying to find spots at the malls during the holiday’s that we learn to follow people walking to their cars. It works sometimes unless there are multiple cars right there waiting for that one prized parking space. I drove around for at least 15 minutes until I saw a guy pulling out !!! YAY I got my spot. Next is walking from the car to the center and then navigating my way to where the Piazza is which is a long way unless you know some shortcuts which I didn’t !! I have never been to this place before even though it is close to my house. Maybe 10 miles away 😀

By the time I got to the Piazza it was pretty crowded already I think by that time it was about 5:30pm. I worked my way towards the stage area. People were nice and let me get though and I got to this spot above !! There was a big planted area and a high up step to stand on !! Well NOT, I was told by security that I had to get down from there. OH NO ….. Now I could not get a good shot to the stage because the peoples heads were in the way : (

Hey There Miss !! Get down your not allowed to stand on there ……. So what should I do now, well it’s time to make my way through those bushes and get closer which I did !! Now I was there right next to the V.I.P section and around 20 feet from the stage.

V.I.P ‘s get to sit in chairs 😀

OH will you SMILE !! This security guard got in so many of my photos and in every one he had this same serious look 😀

Now it’s getting closer to the showtime and the crowd is getter more fired up. This sign has the lyrics …..

I’ll be out of my mind and you’ll be out of ideas,

Pretty Soon …… So let’s spend the afternoon in a

in a Cold Hot Air Balloon !!!

And the crowd went wild because here is Adam Young !!!

He needed to put his sunnies on because the sun was going down and it was right in his face 😀

He was really Rocking that stage : )

And so was his band members : )

There was a lot of LOVE in the crowd ….

And even some crazy V.I.P costumes 😀

And even this older hippie woman was feeling the excitement in the air 😀

Now it was getting a bit darker out and they had smoke filling the stage ……

The stage had some pretty colored lights …….

There were lots of people making the hearts with their hands in the crowd but I didn’t manage to get a good shot so I photoshopped this one as best as I could 😀

Here are a few more photos of the wonderful crowd ….

And one last one the guy at the top right with the sunglasses was the bands photographer. He went out in the crowd to take photos of the fans : )

I had a wonderful time that evening OWL CITY played for an hour and a half to a loving bunch of fans : )