Normal for a Night: Insidious 2 Screening + Ramen Dinner

I went to the screening for Insidious 2 last night and it was pretty epic. I used to be a massive horror movie fan when I was a teenager. We had a horror movie friday in Estonia back then on one of the channels. So at 13, my weekend started with a scary movie, then an episode of Tales from the Crypt followed by Alfred Hitchcock series. It really messed with my head after a couple of years and I had to stop. Honestly, haven’t been watching horror movies for years cause I’m more of a fairy dust kind of girl now. Lol.

So, it was pretty fresh to see Insidious last night. It was kinda old-school in the way that it didn’t have too many special effects, but I feel like the effects are so overdone now that something just raw is refreshing. It was so scary I was jumping in my seat. And I’m not even a girly girl.

If you like horror movies, this movie is definitely worth seeing. Vespertine liked it too. We went to my favorite ramen place before the movie so it was a nice evening. I rarely do these kind of things cause I’m always working away, but once in a while it’s nice to be normal and do peoples stuff.



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