LISTEN: Katy Perry Is A ‘Dark Horse’

I have a strong feeling that Katy Perry’s upcoming album, Prism, is going to be empowering!

First, she sang about the importance of standing up for herself and speaking (or rather roaring) her mind in “Roar.” Now she has another powerful new single, “Dark Horse” featuring Juicy J, that continues with the theme of being resilient.

A lot of Katy’s hits are typically high-energy and “poppy”. ‘Dark Horse’ is a new sound for Katy. Her voice is sultry and floats on top of a simple hip-hop beat. I praise that type of simplicity!

I’m not sure if it will be as big of a hit as ‘Roar,’ but then again, I was wrong about the success of her 2011 single, “E.T.” in collaboration with Kanye West.

Take a listen and tell me what you think:

Prism will be in stores October 22.

Is “Dark Horse” another hit?

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