Let’s Talk Music: Zedd Feat Paramore’s Hayley Williams ‘Stay The Night’ Music Video

UPDATED! Check out the music video for the song below!

Last night German producer Zedd (the man behind “Clarity”) released his latest song, “Stay The Night” featuring Paramores Hayley Williams. To be very honest with you, when the song’s preview was released last week I was very underwhelmed and was afraid the song was just going to be the chorus over and over. However, thankfully I was wrong.

The song has beautiful verses and Hayley’s voice (as always) sounds beautiful. It’s actually fun to see her put on her pop star hat and hear the added effects from Zedd. It’s a hit people. This again, like Hayley’ involvement in 2010’s “Airplanes” with give a larger audience exposure to her talent and ultimately Paramore. But WE already knew she could do it all, right?

Get Zedd’s “Stay The Night” directlyrics here.

Zedd’s new album, Clarity will be in stores on on September 24. I’d really love to know what YOU think of the collaboration.

But you tell me! Take a listen and let me know if you want to turn it UP or turn it DOWN!

Either way, #musicrules.

What do you think of the video?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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