Kylie Jenner: New Street Style Star

With the three Kardashian women all deep in their own personal drama and professional lives, it’s up to Kendall and Kylie Jenner to carry on the family tradition of fashion and style.

Unlike her sisters, Kylie’s style is less about sex appeal and more about trends. She is the epitome of the 90s revival. She’s all about high waisted jean shorts, crop tops and flannels. She accessorizes with hats like beanies and wild shoes like boots and even jelly sandals!

Her style is sort of like Alex Mack (there’s a throwback for you) and Clarissa Explains It All with a sultry Kardashian flair. She’s got traditional Cali girl style with a skater twist, kind of like bro bohemian. Broho if you will!

Are you a fan of Kylie’s style?

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