Kim Kardashian Like You’ve Never (Ever) Seen Her Before!

Jaws are on the ground in our office after seeing these latest pictures of Kim Kardashian. Taken before the birth of her daughter, a very pregnant Kim posed for fashion juggernaut Karl Lagerfeld.

The photos are absolutely high fashion, a direction we’ve seen Kim going in for a while. These are a far cry from bandage dresses and hair extensions of pre-Kanye West Kim. In this shoot Kim rocks her natural hair, ditches the fake eyelashes and goes for couture, not sex appeal.

In one shot, Kim has, what looks like jam smeared around her mouth, and in another, she her pregnant stomach pops out of a pinstripe suit.

In a very chic black and white picture, Kim wears a black veil over a Yankees cap and flag sweater and cradles her baby belly with her hands.

Kim, 32, is definitely making a statement with these photos, taken for the avant-garde CR Fashion Book. Most mothers’ sense of style changes after they have a baby. But instead of turning into a frumpy mom, Kim is using the birth of her daughter as a rebirth of herself, becoming a high fashion force to be reckoned with.

Do you like this new side of Kim Kardashian?

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