Katelyn’s Favorites of August 2013

This monthly favorites blog for August is coming to you a week late, but I am still posting it as promised! August was a very busy month for me, so here are my favorites for August 2013.

What was your favorite activity of August?

In August, I didn’t really do any activities that I don’t usually do on a regular basis. I have mostly always had pretty long hair and I had really been admiring some shorter hairstlyes and so I decided to cut my hair short! I’m really pleased with my new haircut and my hair- dresser did a great job! One thing I was excited to start up again were taking my weekly cello lessons. This summer, I didn’t take my weekly cello lessons for about half of the summer. Now that I am settled again, I have continued my cello lessons after not taking them for about a month and a half. I have been playing the cello for about 4 years now and I am really happy to continue to progress on the cello and learn to play more beautiful music.

What was your favorite book you read in August?

A book I thoroughly enjoyed reading in August was a debut novel called In the Shadow of Blackbirds by Cat Winters.

I was so shocked to hear that this was her debut novel because it was outstanding! This book is historical fiction that takes place during World War I when the deathly Spanish influenza was threating the lives of millions. The story is about the main character, Mary Shelley, who, after a near death experience, is able to contact a loved one she lost in the war. This book isn’t just a love story, though it is filled with action, suspence, and much more! All of the characters are very likeable, especially Mary Shelley, who is a very independent teenager. She isn’t afraid to speak the truth. To top it off, this book has several pictures from World War I that make the book that much more enjoyable.

I might do a full review on this book later, so stay tuned for that! This book was so enjoyable to me that I would read any book this author releases and I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read!

What was your favorite movie you watched in August?

I had been looking forward to the sequel of this movie ever since the first one came out. The movie was Kick Ass 2, the sequel to Kick Ass. Kick Ass is one of my favorite movies for multiple reasons. Chloe Moretz, who plays Hit Girl, is my favorite actress. Kick Ass is an action comedy, which are a very good combination, when done right. I could go on forever about why Kick Ass is my favorite movie. Now to Kick Ass 2.

Kick Ass 2 continues the story of Dave Lizewski, who is trying to improve on being a super hero, while wondering is it really worth it. Personally, this movie, to me, wasn’t as good as the first movie, but it was still a good follow up. I liked how they had, pretty much, the same cast and added great actors to the mix such as Jim Carrey and Donald Faison. I loved how they showed how Kick Ass had inspried so many others to be a super hero, creating a league of super heros to help him along the way. My favorite character in the movie is, of course, Hit Girl. This movie really did a great job of showing how Hit Girl had to come to the conclusion of who she truly wanted to be vs. who others wanted her to be. The movie also did a great job of showing good vs. evil. This movie, overall, was an enjoyable experience for me. The ending might have set up that a third movie could be made and so I am excited to see where the movie goes from here.

What was your favorite beauty/ healthcare products you used in August?

I used to use and collect Lip Smackers lip gloss when I was a little kid. I still have a full drawer from my childhood. When I was at Walmart a while ago, I was looking for more chapstick, since I had run out. I saw a pack of three Lip Smackers lipgloss and all my childhood memories came flashing back. Of course I had to buy it!

The three flavors of Lip Smackers I got in one package were Sour Grapes, Orange Sherbert, and Pina Colada. I have been using them every day since I bought them and my lips thank me for it. They make my lips smooth, glimmering, and tasting delicious.

What was your favorite music you listened to in August?

Everyone proabaly already knows that I am obsessed with music and I listen to a large variety. This month I listened to a lot of Kreayshawn. I have been listening to Kreayshawn for about the last 3 years, but I had only been listening to a select few of her songs. I finally decided to buy her whole album ‘Somethin’ Bout Kreay’. Kreayshawn is my favorite rapper and this album reassured me of that. I love Kreayshawns tone because she doesn’t sound like your average rapper. She also has amazing rap lyrics that always work well together, which makes for a great rap album. Here’s a playlist of a few of the songs I listened to the most this month!

What was your favorite outfit you wore this month?

For dinner one night with my family, I decided to wear this outfit that I really love!

Lace Poncho: Gypsy Warrior

Shorts: Dillards

Beanie: Unknown

What was your favorite TV show you watched this month?

I didn’t have as much time this month to Netflix and watch Tv. I have been watching and keeping up with Big Brother 15, since I am a huge fan of the show. This season isn’t exactally my cup of tea because I’m not really rooting for any of the players left standing, but I have to see who wins. I’ve also been watching some Portlandia this month, which is a sketch comedy show staring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. This show is like nothing I’ve ever watched before and that’s what makes it such a great show. It is so quirkey, weird, and hilarious, and it always makes me laugh. I’d been wanting to watch this show for ages and I finally made time! This show is Breaking Bad! I have heard nothing but amazing reviews about this show, and from reading about it, I thought I would really like it. I’m not that far into the show, but I absolutely love it, since the acting is great and it’s such a unique concept for a show.

Those were a few of my favorite things from August 2013 that made me smile!



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