Justin Timberlake Shuts Down Hollywood Blvd On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Two days ago, I got news that my room mate Faith had scored last minute tickets for us to see Justin Timberlake perform live on Hollywood Blvd for Jimmy Kimmel’s show. I haven’t seen him perform since 2001 for the Pop Odyssey Nsync Tour so I was so excited to finally get the chance to see JT perform his solo stuff. So last night we walked on over to Hollywood Blvd to wait for a few hours before JT took the stage.

We get to the boulevard and are overwhelmed with all the people, police, traffic madness that is happening and navigated around to find the check in area. We finally find it and realized that we were on the priority list! There was about 5 different viewing areas where you could stand and watch from, that went about 2/3 blocks long. Little did we know, our priority bracelets let us go all the way up to the viewing area directly in front of the stage! Ahhhhhhhhh, it was awesome and a pleasant surprise.

Next up was the waiting game, we had to get there at 5PM yet JT was set to perform at 7:30PM. It wasn’t so bad waiting as they provide you with water, Samantha Ronsen was DJing and they also filmed a segment with Guillermo Rodriguez who is a TV personality for Jimmy Kimmel’s show. It’s always really interesting seeing the producers, PA’s, cameraman walking around coordinating and making the show happen. I love witnessing production first hand. There were also a bunch of fans dressed up in support of Justin and had home made posters, so cute!

Finally 7:30PM hits and Justin Timberlake comes out and rocks the crowd. It’s so incredible to see an artist perform with a full live band of back up singers, brass & horn section as well as your typical guitar, bass and drums. Knowing that he doesn’t have any backing tracks and it’s all live was really exciting to see. JT performed 6 songs including, TKO, Cry Me A River, Mirrors, Rock Your Body, Take Back The Night and ending with Sexy Back.

Photo Credit: My room mate Faith Mabry (she has a better phone camera than me)

Justin Timberlake is currently suffering from a cold and wasn’t feeling so hott, but still came out and gave it his all and was going to cut his set short but came back on stage to play Sexy Back. It was also really cool seeing Jimmy Kimmel watching JT from the side lines and bopping his head around. Take a look at his performance below…. he sounds amazing for not feeling well.

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