I’m Dying To See YOU Dance!!

I am SOOOOOOO EXCITED because in honor of the new movie, Battle of The Year (coming out September 20th!) I get to kick off THROWBACK DANCE MOVE WEEK!!!! Basically, Buzznet is running a Make Your Move sweepstakes, where they are challenging YOU each week to show off your best dance moves.

Since I grew up a dancer, and danced professionally for years, I have to admit that I witnessed first hand the power of an epic running man. I was pretty thrilled when I was finally able to learn how to side that second leg out JUST right. I showed off my three favorite throwback dance moves on my Instagram. Do any of these look familiar?

Hammer doing the running man:

Or, remember when the “Oh, Oh, eeeee, OH, OH” dance by New Kids was like….the JAM?

My personal fave flashback dance move is the RODGER RABBIT! I was so cool when I used to bust this out in my old jazz solos.

So here is the deal: I want to see YOU imitate these moves, because I am planning on watching ALL of your videos! If you want to be extra fancy you could even add in another cool throwback dance move!

The greatest part about all of this is that you could win $250 bucks!

Post your video on Instagram using the hashtag #BOTYDanceOff!

You must enter before midnight (PT) on Sunday, September 8!!

So get those videos popping and see you later! I have to Run(ning man!)