Get Hyped: Let’s See You Krump!

Krump Dancing by far is one of most energetic hyper-active & aggressive dance styles known to just about any dancer on planet earth. Originated in the early 1990s in the inner cities of Los Angeles this street style of dance involves arm swings, chest pops, jabs, and stomping of the feet all in one motion. I know it sounds a bit wild but I assure you it’s very entertaining to watch.

A good friend of mine, “Lil C”, who is known to be one the creators of the style amongst a few others. He was in the documentary movie back in 2005 titled “RIZE” which exposed the new dance form and also gave you the culture behind the style. Now days Krumping is world wide and is highly respected in the dance community.

Here is a video from the trailor “Rize”

Heres a look of what the style has grown into over the past 8 years.

In honor of the new movie Battle Of The Year (coming out September 20), here is my take on Krumping mixed with my own personality. Check it out!

Also, it looks like Luke Broadlick is trying to battle me.

Are you guys trying to battle too? Let’s see your krump moves on Instagram using #BOTYDanceOff for a chance to win $250! You must enter before midnight (PT) on Sunday, September 15!!