Hot Or Not: Ke$ha Forgets Her Pants

Am I crazy to say that this is the best that Ke$ha has ever looked? Her body is amazing! The queen of glitter has been doing her squats, for sure! The singer, 26, showed off her evolving style (and enviable gams) at the iHeart Radio Festival in Las Vegas this weekend.

Yeah, the leather jacket and massive heels with nothing but a bodysuit is a little crazy, but this is downright demure compared to what Ke$ha normally wears. The jacket is in such a classic shape, she’s got bombshell hair, and the bodysuit is actually very chic! The neutral color and lace detailing are tres stylish. I mean, we could’ve gone with a little less self tanner, but at least it looks like she showered!

It sounds a little weird, but the pantsless look has actually become more common place these days (Miley Cyrus is pretty much over them completely) so it’s not even that shocking to see Ke$ha without any bottoms on. And as far as pantsless goes, this is a very classy look!

Is Ke$ha’s outfit hot or not?

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